Grey Skies Over Rapture


Grey Skies Over Rapture is a 5 piece progressive death metal band from Wellington, New Zealand.

Grey Skies Over Rapture are a close knit band experienced in a wide range of genres inside and outside of the metal spectrum. They excel at writing catchy and distinctive melodies, accompanied by driving rhythms and bold vocals.

Established in 2012, Grey Skies Over Rapture has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands such as Suffocation (USA), Decapitated (POL), The Ocean (GER), 8 Foot Sativa (NZL), Frankenbok (Aus), and Depths (NZL).

In September 2015 they released their debut EP 'Between Worlds', followed by their latest single 'VII' released in June 2017, recorded and mixed by TKO at The Armoury studios in their hometown of Wellington.

Next up for the band, they have set their sights on recording their debut album. With their original sense of style and mesmerizing live performances, look out for Grey Skies Over Rapture in 2018!

Grey Skies Over Rapture is:

Grey Skies Over Rapture



Released June 26th, 2017

  • 01. VII
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Between Worlds

Released September 13, 2015

  • 01. White
  • 02. Between Worlds
  • 03. Black
  • 04. Carved in Stone
  • 05. Chronosphere
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